My Radio Room

Here is the radio room, separately enclosed within the garage with lots of storage. Radios in the center were what I had 2 years ago

Next you can see the radios, ICOM IC-9700 and 7300, a hand held DMR (DM-380) and dual band analog Alinco and Yaesu VR-5000, 500 Watt amplifier, etc. The battery is below the desk and solar charge controller is on the wall. Most things are 12v battery/Solar powered I have 4 80W panels on the roof.


Here is the current antenna farm. 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23 cm antennas all horizontal. The Az-El mount is down while I re-engineer it.

Next are the HF antennas, an A3S atop 30 foot tower, and a G5RV hung centred there, one arm to a power pole in the alley the other to the garage used for 40 and 80m. My big VHF (6 elements) and UHF (7 elements) beams (vertical for repeater work) are up there too.

Joy and I

This is me and my wife, Joy, in 2011 at a poker run. This was actually before we were engaged. As you can tell I was a motorcycle rider. Sadly had to give it up due to back issues.

Here is Joy and My Granddaughter Deirdre at her Birthday in 2015 opening presents are her dad's house with the grand dogs there too.

Here we are at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in October of 2015